Security Token Offering Platform

Get a working STO platform in 6 weeks from 16,000 EUR

In essence

  • We configure an STO platform with a fixed functionality scope.See the specification.
  • We add some basic customization like your branding or an integration with your fiat payment gateway.See the detailed offer.
  • We deploy the platform on your AWS account.

Stage 1 — MVP. 5,000 EUR

At this stage the platform Includes:

  • Investment opportunity module
  • Cryptocurrency integration via the Coinpayments gateway
  • KYC module (internal storage)
  • Basic front-end customization (branding)
  • Delivery in 1 week after the project launch

Stage 2 — Extended MVP. 10,000 EUR

(for stages 1 and 2)

At this stage the platform includes all features from Stage 1 plus:

  • Integration with 1 fiat gateway (bank or payment system)
  • Fees and limits module (including fees and limits setup)
  • Delivery in 3 weeks after the project launch

Stage 3 — Soft Launch. 16,000 EUR

(for stages 1, 2 and 3)

At this stage the platform includes all features from Stages 1 and 2 plus:

  • Post-sale asset lockup
  • ERC-20 bridge
  • Stellar bridge


Order Security Token Offering Platform Now

As a result of a soft launch, you can

  • 1

    Demonstrate a working product to your investors

  • 2

    Invite early adopters to the platform and start generating profit

  • 3

    Keep adding new custom features with your in-house development team or our partner company

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