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An effective approach to asset tokenization

TokenD is a state-of-the-art white label blockchain platform that consolidates the experience gained by Distributed Lab in building the production-ready tokenization solutions. It allows you to issue, transfer and exchange your assets with high level of privacy, security and auditability while following regulations of your jurisdiction. TokenD is designed for enterprises who are willing to take advantage of tokenization or experiment with the blockchain technology without the need of maintaining the expensive team of blockchain experts and within the shortest time to market.

Asset Tokenization demo

Tokenization solution for tickets

TokenD is a blockchain software platform which can be used to tokenize event tickets. The platform allows users to create their own tokenized ticket and list them on the internal exchange. TokenD-based ticket platform provides for an efficient secondary market because the token can be sold online to another user without the doubel-spending risk. It also enables creating a single transparent accounting system within the entertainment ecosystem.

Tickets demo

Tokenization solution for Art

TokenD is a blockchain software platform for creating own tailored solutions that provides the necessary set of features for tokenization and online trading of art items. It allows to launch a digital marketplace for art.

Art demo

Blockchain-powered solution for Data Integrity Verification (DIVS)

Data Integrity Verification Solution (DIVS) is a TokenD based solution that consolidates the experience gained by Distributed Lab in building the production-ready blockchain powered systems. DIVS enhances control over the integrity of data, monitors all the changes and securely replicates them among participants of network. It helps to reduce business risks proactively detecting threats caused by data tampering or corruption.

DIVS demo

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Developer Edition of TokenD

Free hands-on experience of the full-featured TokenD platform. The only limitation of the downloaded package is the number of blocks.


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