TokenD — a processing center for digital assets

It simultaneously acts as a custodian, wallet management system and exchange

TokenD - a modular processing center for any asset type

Businesses often ask for a digital wallet, meaning that they want to make interaction with their clients fully digital and get rid of inefficient paper procedures and excess personnel. TokenD Processing suite provides all building blocks you may need for security and continuity of your business. It can help to connect an existing infrastructure to public blockchains and incapsulate the complexity of working with keys, identities, transactions and nodes.

TokenD components
Account management
Wallet management
Asset management
Identity and permission management
Integrations with legasy financial systems


For user — a single app that acts as both a wallet, aggregator and a marketplace

For businesses — a digital toolkit to issue assets online

For consortiums — a reconciliation system without a trusted party

For financial institutions — a segregated account management module that provides full infrastructure for internet payments


TokenD is using proprietary blockchain technology to maintain user wallets, identities, permissions, digital assets and transactions ledger.

Key differences:

  • Not related to cryptocurrencies
  • Focused on data privacy and integrity
  • Compliant with existing regulations

Our approach

We give businesses a universal technology to connect their assets and accounting systems to the Internet.

Therefore they can connect legacy systems or upgrade to an easily manageable software.

Hence they can offer something very new to their clients today - a fully digital experience while interacting with them.

How can TokenD help your business?