TokenD Factory: Clear pricing and timeframes to launch your digitization project

All assets in the world have to be digitized and all accounting systems changed. In order to make this happen, we created standardized approaches and launched a “Factory” for executing fintech / blockchain projects fast and without hidden costs for the client.

Throughout 4 years our team has been working on various projects, all related to the digitization of assets. To ease our own lives we have created a framework, TokenD, which standardizes the project execution because it has all the components of a digital ecosystem you may ever need:

  • Private blockchain ledger
  • Payment system with tools for fees and limits management
  • Role & identity management module + integration with KYC provider
  • Mobile and web wallets
  • Exchange
  • Native integration with cryptocurrency gateways

To show the real value of digitization and make it affordable today, we use TokenD as a basis for launching 10 various industry-specific use cases with clearly defined pricing and timeframes for the clients.

The eventual result (usually 5 weeks) is a production-ready product containing the most essential functionality. Deployment takes place in 3 stages - MVP, MVP2, Production.

All offers include a monthly fee for the TokenD license (€1000 before production and €2000 after production) + 10% from the fees imposed on the platform users (so if you charge 3% fee, we take 0.3%).

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